The GMAT Focus Edition

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The GMAT™ Focus Edition is an innovative and specialized version of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) that is designed to cater to the unique needs of test-takers seeking to excel in specific areas of the exam. This tailored edition of the GMAT allows individuals to focus their preparation efforts on the sections of the test that are most relevant to their desired graduate business programs and career goals.

Key features of The GMAT™ Focus Edition include:

  1. Targeted Sections: This edition enables test-takers to concentrate on specific sections of the GMAT that are crucial for their chosen academic or professional path. Whether it’s the Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, or Analytical Writing Assessment section, test-takers can optimize their study time to enhance their performance in the areas that matter most to them.
  2. Customized Practice: The Focus Edition provides adaptive practice questions and tests that adapt based on the test-taker’s performance. This means that the difficulty of questions adjusts in real-time to challenge the test-taker appropriately, ensuring a personalized and efficient study experience.
  3. Performance Insights: As users engage with The GMAT™ Focus Edition, they receive detailed feedback and insights about their performance. This includes identifying strengths and weaknesses in specific question types and subject areas, allowing test-takers to fine-tune their preparation strategy.
  4. Flexible Learning: Whether individuals are aiming to make incremental improvements or are seeking a comprehensive boost in certain sections, The GMAT™ Focus Edition accommodates different study goals and timelines. It’s suitable for both those who are just beginning their preparation and those who are looking for a final push before the exam.
  5. Official GMAT Content: The questions and content included in The GMAT™ Focus Edition are sourced from the same high-quality question pool used in the traditional GMAT exam. This ensures that test-takers are practicing with authentic questions that accurately represent the challenges of the actual test.
  6. Progress Tracking: The platform provides tools for tracking progress and improvement over time. Test-takers can monitor their advancement in specific skill areas and measure their readiness for their desired business school programs.
  7. Convenient Access: The GMAT™ Focus Edition is available online, offering convenience and accessibility to users who can engage with the materials on their own schedule, from the comfort of their preferred study environment.

In essence, The GMAT™ Focus Edition empowers test-takers to take charge of their GMAT preparation by customizing their practice and concentrating their efforts on the sections that matter most for their academic and professional aspirations. This tailored approach enhances efficiency and effectiveness, leading to a more targeted and impactful study experience.

Why Choose the GMAT Exam – Focus Edition

Shortest GMAT Ever

Nearly one hour shorter than before.

Studying Streamlined

Reduced content to study means less to prep.

No Essay Section

This means all questions on the exam are multiple-choice.

Easier Score Sending

After you know your score (and not before) send it to 5 schools for free!

Classroom-Ready Content

Three sections that only focus on relevant business skills.

Personalized Insights

Improved Official Score Report with detailed performance insights.

New GMAT – Focus Edition

Exam Overview

The GMAT™ Focus Edition is 2 hours and 15 minutes long (with one optional 10-minute break) with 64 questions in total:

  • Quantitative Reasoning: 21 questions, 45 minutes
  • Verbal Reasoning: 23 questions, 45 minutes
  • Data Insights: 20 questions, 45 minutes

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Quantitative Reasoning in New GMAT – Focus Edition

Introducing the Latest for GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition! The Data Sufficiency questions are now absent from this segment. In this section, your grasp of algebraic and arithmetic fundamentals, along with your ability to employ them for problem-solving, will be assessed. A total of 21 Problem Solving questions constitute this segment.Proficiency in arithmetic and elementary algebra is necessary for tackling these inquiries. Accuracy in responding to these queries is hinged on your logical and analytical prowess rather than mere mathematical proficiency. It’s important to note that a calculator is not permitted for use in this section.

Verbal Reasoning in New GMAT – Focus Edition

This segment evaluates your aptitude for comprehending written content and assessing arguments logically. It encompasses a total of 23 questions, split between Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. The Reading Comprehension queries gauge your skill in understanding terminologies and statements, identifying logical connections between significant ideas, making inferences, and tracking the progression of quantitative concepts. Specifically, the assessment will focus on the following reading proficiencies: grasping the main idea, recognizing supporting ideas, drawing inferences, applying knowledge, discerning logical structures, and evaluating writing style. The Critical Reasoning questions, on the other hand, assess your capacity to construct and appraise arguments, as well as formulate or assess action plans. These questions are founded on concise reading passages, usually spanning fewer than 100 words. Typically, each brief passage is followed by a question that prompts you to pinpoint the answer option out of five that bolsters or weakens an argument, elucidates the flaws in the argument, or provides robust backing or counterarguments. These questions don’t require specialized subject matter expertise to answer effectively.

Data Insights in New GMAT – Focus Edition

The Data Insights segment evaluates candidates’ capacity to analyze and decipher data, and then apply this skill to practical business situations. Within the newly designed GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition, the Data Insights section incorporates updated question formats such as Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency. These question types gauge a freshly calibrated aptitude for digital and data literacy, a skill highly pertinent and sought-after in the contemporary business landscape.

General Questions about New GMAT – Focus Edition

  1. How long will the current version of the GMAT™ Exam continue to be available?The current version of the GMAT™ Exam will remain accessible to candidates until early next year to support their ongoing preparation and business school applications. Following that, the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will be the exclusive available option.
  2. How long are GMAT™ Exam scores valid?GMAT™ Exam scores hold their validity for a span of 5 years.
  3. Will the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition be delivered at both test centers and online?Yes, the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will be available in both test center and online delivery modes.
  4. Will business schools use the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition any differently?No, similar to other assessments, business school admission teams will employ the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition results as a factor in evaluating candidates’ readiness for their programs. It might also be considered alongside other candidates’ strengths applying to the same programs.
  5. Why was the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) removed from the GMAT™ Focus Edition?The GMAT™ Exam was redesigned to focus on skills highly relevant in tomorrow’s business environment, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and data literacy. Additionally, many schools incorporate essays into their application processes, so the decision was made to remove the AWA from the exam.
  6. Why did GMAC remove Sentence Correction from the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition?The Verbal Reasoning section primarily evaluates critical reasoning and reading comprehension skills. The redesigned GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, and data literacy, aligning with the demands of the evolving business landscape.
  7. Is the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition Computer Adaptive?Yes, the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition maintains the computer adaptive format.
  8. Is the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition predictive of academic success?Yes, the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition maintains the high-quality standards that make it a relevant and predictive measure of academic success in business school.
  9. Which version of the GMAT should I take?It’s recommended that candidates consult the schools they intend to apply to before registering for the exam. The current version of the GMAT will be available until early next year to aid ongoing preparation and applications for business school. GMAT™ Official Prep materials will support test takers in achieving success on either version of the exam, and scores will remain valid for 5 years.

Registration Questions

  1. When will registration for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition open?The GMAT™ Focus Official Prep is available starting June 6, and registration for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will open on August 29. Testing for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will begin in Q4 2023.
  2. When will testing appointments for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition begin?Anticipated testing appointments for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will commence in Q4 2023. Further announcements and details will be released over the next three months.
  3. How much does the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition exam cost?The fees for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will remain consistent with the current GMAT exam fees. Costs may vary by region, country, and delivery channel (online or test center).
  4. If I have an existing GMAT Voucher or Fee Waiver, can I use it to register for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition?Yes, you can utilize your existing voucher for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition registration fee.
  5. What accommodations are available for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition?Details about available accommodations can be found at Testing Accommodations.
  6. How many times can I take the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition?All GMAT exam attempts—whether for the current GMAT™ Exam or the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition, online or at a test center—count toward the five (5) GMAT exam attempts within a rolling 12-month period and eight (8) lifetime attempts.

Prep and Score Report Questions

  1. Will Official Prep be available for GMAT™ Focus Edition like there is for the GMAT™ Exam?Yes, GMAT™ Focus Official Prep is available. Free prep resources will continue to be provided through
  2. If candidates have started preparing for the current GMAT™ Exam, how will the preparation differ for the GMAT™ Focus Edition?Registration for the GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition will open on August 29, with testing starting in Q4 2023. Candidates are encouraged to proceed based on their business school journey. The current GMAT version will be available until early next year to support ongoing preparation and applications.
  3. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams: Can I take Practice Exams 1 and 2 more than once?It’s possible to retake these exams, but be aware that repeated attempts might lead to encountering repeat questions and increased chances of correct answers.
  4. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams: Can I take Practice Exams 3-6 more than once?Practice Exams 3-6 can be reset once for retakes.
  5. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams: How can I review my questions on the Score Report?Detailed performance insights can be accessed by clicking on each section tab or using the chart view for an overview.
  6. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams: Can I take a practice exam on my phone?Practice Exams should be taken on a desktop or laptop browser to replicate the test day experience.
  7. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice Exams: I repurchased the same practice exam product. Why is it not showing in my test portal?Access to repurchased practice exams is granted after exhausting all attempts for the original paid exam.
  8. GMAT™ Focus Official Practice: Can I open the exam on multiple browser windows?It’s not recommended, as it may lead to errors and doesn’t mimic the actual test-taking setup.
  9. Are there any changes to the Official Score Report for the GMAT™ Focus Edition?Yes, the new Official Score Report includes enhanced performance insights. Further details can be found at Official Score Report.
  10. Will the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) be available for the GMAT™ Focus Edition?The Official Score Report for the GMAT™ Focus Edition is expanded and improved, containing additional insights, eliminating the need for a separate Enhanced Score Report.


  1. What will the new score look like?The GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition Total Score scale is 205-805, with section scores ranging from 60-90.
  2. How will business schools/programs compare performance across the two different versions of the exam?Schools have received the necessary resources to compare performance across both exam versions.
  3. Will GMAT™ Focus Edition scores be valid for five years, as well?Yes, GMAT™ Exam – Focus Edition scores will remain