Analytical Writing Assessment

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Analysis of an argument Strategy plan:

The idea is to equip the students not only with the basic concepts, but also the shortcuts and advanced techniques to tackle the questions.

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) consists of 30-minute writing tasks.

  • First, we make familiar with the questions and help students to understand what the questions are being asked in the argument.
  • We discuss different types of questions and make you understand what question is asking and how to understand the questions.
  • We advise that 30 minutes be given for this section, and time should be divided accordingly. The first 7-8 minutes should be spent on planning the topic.
  • We discuss: what are the points that should be jotted down on the topic that you are going to write about and how you are going to present. Secondly after reading the question what assumptions can be drawn and what alternative explanations can be given?
  • What counterexamples can be taken into consideration and what additional evidence might prove useful in fully and fairly evaluating the reasoning?
  • How to choose the best examples and how to present them.
  • We discuss and write jointly with the students some sample arguments.
  • We give thorough feedback on students’ written arguments.
  • What kinds of sentences we should write and how to present them in the right manner?
  • How to quickly review the writing assessments.